The Font' Diary : December 2013

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What a great month again! Nice and dry weather (as dry as can be for december ;-) ), good company again and a cool project to battle on... What else? Hum, well, sending the "cool project" would have been great before it becomes a new Nemesis... There was a very low percentage move in the middle of the roof that always took me too much of my energy before I could stick it and get ready for the final push. Now, I think I have understood it (I've done it 5 times in a row last session) so hopefully, next session should be the right one! MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR Boulders in the video : Laser 7A (v6) in Cuvier Rempart Le Bivouac 6C+/7A (v6) in Cuvier Est Satan M'Habite (stand) 7A (v6) in Roche aux Oiseaux Le Pouce 7A (v6) in Apremont Sully Chicken Skin Assis 7A (v6) in Apremont Fond de Gorges Rencontre Plafonnique 7B (v8) in Cuvier Rempart