Extreme Mountaineering. Extreme Compassion.

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Nick Cienski, veteran mountaineer and Director of Innovation (Special Projects) at Under Armour, will summit the tallest 14 peaks on the planet in record time. Join the mission: http://mission14.org Only 31 people have ever successfully summited all 14 mountains, and of those, the fastest took over 7 years to do so. With the record of most 8000'ers summited in one year, Nick will also shatter the record fastest-ever to climb the 14. No climber or climbing team has ever even attempted the speed and assault that will be accomplished by Mission 14™. But we're not just climbing mountains. Nick and his team are doing it to mobilize a global army of advocates for lost children - leveraging funding and visibility, giving a voice to the voiceless. Mission 14™, foundationally, is a non-profit that raises awareness and resources to rescue children and families out of poverty. In faith and full confidence in our mission, we are climbing mountains on behalf of suffering people across the world.
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