Dutch Rudder V6 First Ascent, Kevin Jorgeson sending Dutch Underbelly V9

Uploaded by addisoncox

Chris Summit recently took me this super rad boulder found right off the road in Occidental County...by a local Climber : Travis Lombardo. After sending a few proud lines and discovering a new ONE! I worked pretty hard on this climb. 2 days over 60 trys and I figured out this new addition to the Dutch Bill Creek Boulder. I named this the Dutch Rudder. Its a v6. Hopefully a stout one : When I finally sent it from the stand which Is the v6, Kevin Jorgeson was there to witness my ascent along with Rusty and three local climbers. I showed Kevin the beta and he made the 2nd Ascent! I AM STOAKED! Oh yeah Kevin Jorgenson also sent the Dutch Underbelly V9 like it was cake. HE CRUSHES!!!!!
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