Dutch Rudder V6 First Ascent, Kevin Jorgeson sending Dutch Underbelly V9

Uploaded by addisoncox

Chris Summit recently me this super rad boulder found by a local Climber : Travis Lombardo. After sending a few proud lines and discovering a new ONE! I worked pretty hard on this climb. 2 days over 60 trys and I figured out this new addition to the Dutch Bill Creek Boulder. I named this the Dutch Rudder. Its a v6. Hopefully a stout one : When I finally sent it from the stand which Is the v6, Kevin Jorgeson was there to witness my ascent along with Rusty and three local climbers. I showed Kevin the beta and he made the 2nd Ascent! I AM STOAKED! Oh yeah Kevin Jorgenson also sent the Dutch Underbelly V9 like it was cake. HE CRUSHES!!!!!
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