Cresciano 2013 & The Dagger 8B(+)

Uploaded by dpm

A short movie Highlight from Cresciano with a bit of Polish strange humor ;) Includes original send fotage from The Dagger 8B(+) and some other boulders... it features some footage from Chironico also ;) Boulders in order of apperance: Michael Ginszt on The Dagger 8B+ Martin Berger on Franks Wild Years - 8A+, La Soucoupe 8A+ (Chironico) Kuba Ginszt and Lukas Dudek od Kirk Windstein 8A SD Mariusz 'butcher' Majer on La Grotte des Soupirs 7C+ Milena Marczak on Matusale 6C+ (Chironico), Fandango 7A (Chironico) Mariusz 'butcher' Majer on Vol au Vent 7A Kadej and Kuba Ginszt on La Grotte des Soupirs 7C+ Mariusz 'butcher' Majer on Tricipite Surale 7A+