Cloud Nine

Uploaded by Schim productions

Now also on Vimeo! Schim Productions proudly presents "Cloud Nine". 15 days of bouldering, during easter 2013, in wonderful Fontainebleau. Prime conditions, and spending the days with family and good friends. What more can you ask for? I´ve filmed it on a Canon EOS 600D, with standard lens 18-55mm. Check out more stuff/movies on Boulder problems in this movie: - Action Directe assis 7A (this is climb and filmed in Sept.2012, on a different camera) - Yoga 7A - 42 Filette 7A - Pot De Terre 7A - Attaque Des Aplats 7A - Entorse 7A+ - Syphilisse 7A+ - Le Mouton 6C - Lapin Ou Canard 7A (flash) - Pulpfriction 7B (flash) - I actually don´t know if this is how the problem goes..? - Plastikman 7A Music: - JAE - "Beginning of Mine" - Simon Daum - "Can It Be Real" - John Hawkes - "Marcy´s Song"