circa 2003, Hunter climbs the ultraclassic "the Orb" V8 Rocktown, GA

Uploaded by Olmec Apparel

Found this old school video Ben Chapman and Hunter Damiani made of Hunter sending the ultra classic "The Orb" V8 from their first xmas trip to Rocktown, GA when they were 15/16 years old; circa 2003. They were hooked and after this spent every highschool xmas break in Rocktown bouldering, causing trouble at Chris Sierzant's and making climbing videos! Ben and Hunter are my life long climbing partners and man the memories go back. More then stoked to have them both in Colorado climbing and making videos together again. Hunter is has a high happiness and stoke for climbing and he said "I find much of my inspiration/motivation in that original and youthful childhood stoke...Goonies never say die brother, psyched for years more of climbing with you, Ben!" Ben and Hunter film and edit all of the videos for Olmec heres to hundreds of more boulders!