Cesar Valencia and Hunter Damiani collaborate to send "Capt'n Hook" V9

Uploaded by Olmec Apparel

Olmec athletes Cesar Valencia and Hunter Damiani (both being under 5'5") recently put in a "short man" team effort on an infamously reachy problem, "Capt'n Hook" at the Satellites in Boulder, CO. Hunter had passed the climb off years ago and figured he'd never send but Cesar never gave up and had been working to problem since he moved to Colorado. After the two tinkered with Cesar's beta a bit, adding some finishing touches; Cesar made a quick seemly effortless send. Hunter immediately borrowed Cesar's beta, his stoke and his extra pair of LaSportiva Solutions for the toe hooking and quickly surprised himself with a send. We are super stoked for both of you, we know Cesar had been trying this problem for years and Hunter just figured it wouldn't happen so congrats to the both! If you're a shortie and need some beta for "Capt'n Hook" check the video!!! music by Zion I "Coastin'" olmecapparel.com