Bozeman Montana Sport Climbing

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The Bozeman Montana Sport Climbing Movie will be one of the few films to showcase the classic sport climbing in the Bozeman area. While Montana offers a high concentration of quality sport and traditional rock climbing, this area has been under the radar from climbing media and film for years. The objective of this movie is simple: to spread the word about Montana climbing to the community in hopes of encouraging outdoor activity, and to continue the conservation and development of these climbing areas. As Cruxin Production’s first full-length feature, the movie focuses on the beauty of Montana and compositional movement over rock, rather than first ascents and difficult grades. Climbing areas featured in the film are: Gallatin Canyon, Natural Bridge, Chestnut Mountain, Allenspur, and Bear Canyon. Local climbers featured in film are: Brandon Smith, Kyle Vassilopoulos, Kevin Macartney, Jarred Pickens, Ryan Anderson, and many more. Link: Cinematography by Kris Zigich & Evan Mathews.