Boone Season 2013

Uploaded by Drex7107

More high quality pebble wrestlin' from the high country. Filmed over the course of the past 4 months with the hopes of capturing some of the most memorable sends from this year. Thanks to Christopher Pratt for helping film and to all my homies for crushing so hard. Climbers featured include Drexel Bakker, Carson Bakker, Melise Edwards, Brennen Bull, Kelley Burns, Zack Silberman, and Andrew Matsumoto. Problems in order of appearance. -Zen Master V8 -Patio Roof V8 -Tendon Sandwich V7 -Squeezejob V10 -Matt's Prow V8 -Power Chord V8 -Whats up Arete V6/7 -Creekside Slab V7 -Changing Lanes V9 -Instinct V9 Enjoy!