Ben Hoberg snags the second modern ascent of the Flagstaff test piece "Butt Slammer" V12

Uploaded by Olmec Apparel

In Boulder, Colorado in the early 70's Rob Candelaria climbed a gorgeous red 45 degree overhanging face on Flagstaff Mtn. which he dubbed "Butt Slammer" V5/6 due to its treacherously dangerous butt slamming fall. After Rob's first ascent the climb broke several times severely increasing the difficulty and scare factor of the face and the "Butt Slammer" went unclimbed for 40 years until in November 9, 2013 when Olmec owner Hunter Damiani made the first modern ascent. Four months later the Olmec crew got together to do some bouldering in Boulder Canyon, and when we arrived at the boulder it was soaked, so we decided to cruise to "Butt Slammer" to see if anybody could snag the second ascent. Since Hunter's send nobody had really made any major progress beyond the first two moves as the problem is very committing and has an extremely intimidating fall. Right away though Ben Hoberg made incredible progress and fell twice going for the crux hold high on the face. Two days later Ben returned and after a scary down climb fail on the topout he got back on and made the second modern ascent of the ultra classic "Butt Slammer," well done Ben we are super stoked for you, you're a crusher!!!