61-year-old climbs 5.14a

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Francisco Marin, also known as "Novato" ("Rookie" in Spanish), is a 61-year-old climber and the only known person in the world to climb at this level at his age. He sent 8b+ in 2012, and now has 8c "Florida" as a project, all of them in Rodellar, Spain. Francisco is a lifelong climber, and even his son Edu Marin is a professional climber. This nickname "Novato" is a true reference to his merits in sport as well as his special and specific point of view in life. He values effort, honor, perseverance and honesty in his life and his climbing. This video series transcends the climbing world and showcases this inspiring, motivating individual who wants to share his story. It's not about sport, it's about life. Director: Jon Herranz Producer: Namuss Films Athletes: Francisco Marin "Novato" Sports: Climbing
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