4 Days in the Front Range

Uploaded by powelldavidm

4 days in May '13 in the Boulder, CO, areas of Flagstaff and the Flatirons. Mongolian Cosmosnaut v8; Moffat Direct v8; Southern Sun v8; Cryptic Magician v7; Battaglia's Bottom v8; Illumination v10; Smith Overhang Sit v10; Lift the Car Off the Baby v9; Desire and Dissolving Men v9. Thanks to: Revolution Climbing | revolutionclimbing.com/ | instagram.com/revolutionclimb EPIC bar | epicbar.com/ | instagram.com/epicbar Thunderbird Energetica | thunderbirdbar.com/ | instagram.com/thunderbirdbar Adidas Outdoor | adidas.com/us/outdoor | instagram.com/adidasoutdoor Five Ten | fiveten.com/products/climbing | instagram.com/fiveten_official