15NORD - A Bouldering Short

Uploaded by JS9999

Bouldering in the Laurentian region, QC. The main goal for this bouldering short was to showcase new problems in the area as well as proud lines that are less known. Problems: Le Duel de D'Artagnan, V10 - Val-David La Château de ma Mère, V8 - Ste-Adèle La Ligne Blanche Ultra, V10 - Ste-Adèle - FA The Devil's Tongue, V9 - Val-Morin L'Implosion, V9 - Val-Morin - FA L'Insoutenable Légèreté de l'Être, V9 - Val-Morin - FA Swiss Classic, V9 - Ste-Adèle - FA We think it's important to point out that all the FAs in this movie should be considered as ''most likely first ascent''. We did our research the best we could, but again, we can never be completely certain, as usual. Hope you enjoy the movie as much as we enjoyed filming it. Music: Niño - Clase de 1984 Young Wonder - Flesh(SertOne Remix) Munno - Mine Kidnap Kid - Vehl Filmed using a Canon T2i - 18-55mm.