Vertical Aid Kit

by dpm | 11/18/2013

Vertical Aid Kit

Most prefabricated first aid kits aren’t worth their weight. They have a bunch of useless crap in them that isn’t worth hauling to the crag, let alone up into the mountains on an alpine excursion. A first aid kit is one of those things that you never miss until you really need it, which is why a lot of climbers get caught with their pants down when the shit hits the fan.

Vertical Medicine Resources recognized the need for a lightweight, bare-essentials first aid kit and designed a kit specifically for climbers called the “Vertical Aid Kit,” or as they affectionately refer to it as: the “Oh Shit! Kit.”

The whole thing comes packaged in a small, heavy-duty nylon jacket that protects the contents while still maintaining a low profile. It’s small enough to fit in the easily-accessible top pocket of your pack and weighs just 341 grams which is just a tad heavier than a #4 Camalot. Packed inside are all sorts of essentials for backcountry doctoring as well as a few climbing specific items like a Trango Piranha Alpine Accessory Knife, 6mm cord, an SMC aluminum rappel ring, and a survival blanket for making it through a cold, unexpected night above tree line.

The full contents of the kit:


1 x Trango Piranha Alpine Accessory Knife

1 x Curad Blood Stop Hemostatic Gauze

1 x NUUN Hydration Tab

2 x Nexcare Blister Care pads (heel/toe/finger)

1 x Aquatab Water Purification (10 pack/purifies up to 20 liters)

1 x Aluminum SMC Rappel Ring

1 x Sterling 6mm cord (1 meter)

1 x 1/2" roll Athletic tape

1 x VMR Emergency Whistle

1 x VMR SPF 15 Lip Balm

1 x SPF 30 Sunscreen (PABA Free)

1 x Survival Blanket (84" x 52")



800 mg Ibuprofen (4 x 200 mg tablets - Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer)

1300 mg Acetaminophen (4 x 325 mg tablets - Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer)

100 mg Diphenhydramine (4 x 25 mg tablets - Antihistamine)

8 mg Loperamide (4 x 2 mg tablets - Antidiarrheal)

840 mg Antacid (2 x 420 mg tablets)

1.8 grams Bacitracin ointment (2 x 0.9 gm packs - Antibacterial)

1 x Sting Relief Pad (Antiseptic/Analgesic)


Additional Dressings:

2 x 3x3 Gauze Sponges

2 x 2x2 Guaze Sponges

1 x 3" Conform Gauze

1 x Latex Free Examination gloves

10 x Bandages (assorted sizes)

4 x Sterile alcohol prep pads

2 x Antiseptic towelette


The kit retails for $45 dollars and is available to purchase online at Vertical Medicine also offers a full range of wilderness medicine courses so if you’re interested in learning about how to use the contents of the kit, they’ve got you covered. Learn more at their website.