Urban Plastix Big Brick Sloper

by dpm | 07/24/2012

Urban Plastix Big Brick Sloper

There are 100’s of hold companies out there. If you are looking for some cheap grips for your wall you can simply Google it and fork out pennies for some outdated throwbacks, but you will get what you pay for. Climbing is changing and new grips need to help it grow, these new holds must both withstand the traffic of new urban gyms and impress the next generation of setters.

The latest hold company to set themselves apart from the pack is straight out of Brooklyn. Dubbed Urban Plastix their new grips have been shaped to mimic the subtleties that give a city an edge, literally. And, one of the biggest route setter favorites that have been covering walls on the west coast is Urban Plastix’s east coast transplant the Big Brick Sloper.

The Big Brick Sloper smacks of old school flavor with a twist that offers those thrutching to an edge a bit of a surprise. Placed upon a slab or vertical wall these holds bring you back to that standing mock brick pillar outside of the local Safeway, where you & your friends placed bets if you could hike it to the roof in your tennis shoes before security caught you, the only difference is, these edges are not that positive.

This is a simple, clean shape that is great to hold onto once you latch the shallow edge as the grooves are highly textured and can both reward you or rag out your skin when you dry fire. Utilize these slopey edges to slowly transition climbers into a tension filled move or set it up as the sucker hold for newbies looking to punt to a dynamic sequence instead of using their feet to gain the small edges. These holds can be used on almost any angle, though they are not recommended for severely over-hanging faces. They receive their best use on subtle slab sets and balancy vert problems, especially those that want to force slow tension-filled movement, and blunt arête slapping lines.

Urban Plastix Big Brick Sloper Overview:

Best Angles to Set On:

Resistance to Washing:
After two months of heavy use by patrons and then reuse by setters the urethane is still tacky and textured.

Although the bolt hole is placed directly in the middle of the feature, which can cause spinning on large features, the amount of surface area utilized by this hold on the wall prevented that issue.

The blue pour pops on the wall and draws newbies and old school climbers alike to check out the subtle edges, which can be a great attribute for comps or new sets.

Pricing: At $62.00 this hold is comparably priced to several other large hold companies.

Pick up the new grip and more at www.urbanplastix.com

-Anthony Lapomardo