Princeton Tec Byte

by dpm | 12/17/2012

Princeton Tec Byte


The Princeton Tec Byte is the latest headlamp to come into the market that is focused on packing a lot of functionality into a small package.  Anyone looking to fit just one more item into their already packed car will not have to look any further than their pocket to ensure they have a bright light for those late night tent set ups.

The construction of the lamp makes it clear that the designers went to great lengths to shave every gram of weight off the body.  The end result is a lamp that weighs in at a mere 64 grams with some solid eloquent design flourishes. The casing has very few moving parts which also cut back on the opportunity for anything to break, but it is built to allow the tiny lamp to tilt which was very useful.  Although it is trim on weight and size, it is definitely not short on functionality.

The headband, which comes packaged with the lamp, also continues to keep up its elasticity after 3-4 plus months of being worn. It is attached in two spots and is quickly adjustable on the fly.

Light Source:
The Byte offer three different light sources for the user; a small spot, an ultra bright and a “red” low mode which did provide enough light for walking through a dark room without destroying my vision that had adjusted to the dark. The lamp easily switched between all three modes with a single click. Note: You must cycle through all three modes before the lamp would cycle off, but it was a minor bump in the testing. The 2 AAA batteries lasted numerous weeks using the lamp without being changed, however a straight 146 hours was not tested.  

For being such a small lamp, the 50 lumen light really helped lighting up the trail on long hikes out after sunset and both the wide mode and spot mode were adequate for a 2 hour hike back to the car after dusk across varying terrain. The 50 lumens easily helped identify tree roots, open holes and even allowed for a comfortable rappel down a vertical face with less than a full moon for an external source.

Price Point:
Like all climbing products, the price point is one of the biggest factors that one considers in the decision process. The $20.00 price tag on the Princeton Tec Byte is affordable to most any climber and the product you are getting is top notch.  The lamp, although small in stature, is worth more than the $20.00 price point and comes highly recommended.

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-Anthony Lapomardo