Organic Load Strap

by dpm | 06/06/2014

Organic Load Strap

Organic Climbing has developed a new product that is so simple, you’ll be wondering why no one thought of it before. The Load Strap is a simple Y-shaped system of webbing and adjustable straps that allows boulderers to securely carry multiple pads on their backs. Just stack two or three pads, lie the Load Strap over the bundle, clip in the three points, and cinch it down. It’s designed to be used with Organic Pads, but the simplicity of the design will allow it to be used with some other brands. Watch the video to see if your pad has the necessary attachment points.

It’s also got a little Velcro pouch for stashing small items like keys, phone, and climbing tape.

The Load Strap is a great product for getting to those remote areas with rough landings that require multiple pads like Chaos Canyon in Rocky Mountain National Park. The alpine bouldering season is about to kick off and with the Load Strap retailing for just $25 (free shipping in the US), these things will be selling fast.

Currently Organic Climbing is taking pre-orders. Email orders to