New Trango Locking Carabiners

by dpm | 07/09/2014

New Trango Locking Carabiners

Trango has a few new locking carabiners for 2014 and we’ve had the opportunity to check out three of them: The React Screwlock, Regulock HMS Screwlock, and Regulock HMS Autolock.

The Trango React Screwlock

The React Screwlock is the locking version of Trango’s React carabiner that also comes in straight gate, and bent gate versions, as well as being sold in pairs as the React quickdraw. The locking version is a small, lightweight locker best suited for building anchors and rigging. It has the same strength rating (25kN) as the non-locking version but with the added safety of a traditional screwlock closure. The stock of the carabiner is a hybrid I-beam/T-beam design that shaves weight and tapers to a very narrow nose with a notchless “keylock” opening that makes it easy to clip, and unclip from, webbing without snagging up.

The React Screwlock is a great for rigging topropes, building 3-piece anchors, and use with a Grigri, but it’s a little on the small side for a nice smooth feed with an ATC or similar belay device. For those applications, Trango’s got a sturdy HMS-style locker called the Regulock.

The Trango Regulock

The Regulock has a massive gate opening of 22mm and an even larger rope-bearing basket of 27mm. The basket provides a rope-bearing surface that’s nearly perpendicular to the spine. It’s ideal for holding a clove hitch or Munter hitch. Munter hitches work particularly well on this carabiner, feeding smoothly over the round stock of the carabiner. The same goes for belaying and rappelling with an ATC or similar device. 

Similar to the React, the nose of the Regulock carabiner has a notchless “keylock” design so it won’t snag up on your belay loop or while fishing the nose through a mass of tattered webbing at the top of some desert tower.

The Trango Autolock

Trango offers two options of locking mechanism; a traditional barrel-style screwlock and a 2-stage twistlock called the Autolock. The Autolock system requires a simple twist of the ample, textured barrel gate to open, and once it snaps shut, the spring-loaded barrel locks in place. One benefit of this design is that if the carabiner is closed, it’s locked. It’s impossible to forget to lock the carabiner as long as it’s in good working condition and the gate hasn’t gotten gummed up or clogged with sand.

All three carabiners are available at Check them out at the links below.

React Screwlock $9.50

Regulock HMS Screwlock $9.95

Regulock HMS Autolock $12.95