Metolius Bravo Wire-Gate Quick Draw

by dpm | 09/26/2013

Metolius Bravo Wire-Gate Quick Draw


Lighter is better when gearing up. Every ounce can make the difference, but slimming down is only worth it if your safety is not compromised. Finally, Metolius introduces an ultra light draw that is small in stature, but still big on safety.

The Metolius Bravo Wire-Gate Quick Draw offers a slimmed down profile while still maintaining the durability and gate strength needed for an aggressive excursion. The new draw is comprised of two Metolius Bravo Wire-Gate 'biners which weigh in at just under 30 grams apiece. These draws are fitted with a thin 11mm Dyneema sling that is almost weightless on your harness. You can easily haul ten on a single side without feeling a predominate pull. This is a noticeable benefit when you're carrying the additional weight of a large trad rack or going for the onsight of a 40-meter sport pitch.

The rope end 'biner is fixed with a rubber keeper they call a JIG that keeps the 'biner from rotating in the sling. The JIG prevents potentially dangerous cross-loading and ensures that you'll never go to clip and find the 'biner upside down. The bolt end 'biner is left free-floating in the sling which allows the draw to swing freely, also preventing cross-loading of the top 'biner on the bolt or pro.

I have been using these draws for a little over four months now and they have shown to be highly durable for both long sport climbs and thrashing up trad routes. The I-beam stock allows for a wide rope-bearing surface that is easy on ropes while still maintaining strength and low weight. The carabiners, though on the small side, are easy to clip when redlining on your sport climbing project and the whole package is light enough to carry into the mountains. Coupled with the bombproof safety that Metolius is known for, the Bravo wire-gate quickdraw is a solid performer for all climbing pursuits.