Mad Rock Concorde Draw

by dpm | 08/22/2013

Mad Rock Concorde Draw


The Mad Rock Concorde Quick Draw is a surprisingly strong, lightweight and easy-to-handle quick draw. I say "surprisingly" because I expected an inferior product when I saw the suggested retail price of just $10.95. There are plenty of quick draws on the market that cost more than twice that. I thought, "Well, you get what you pay for" but it turns out that's not always the case.

The Concorde Draw has two identical wire-gate carabiners that differ only in color. It's easy to identify the bright orange one for the bolt end, and the metallic silver one for the rope end. The carabiners are lightweight but lack the I-beam stock commonly found on ultra-lightweight biners. The stock is rounded which adds to the durability and longevity. It's also easy on ropes if you plan to be taking lots of falls. They're quite strong with a rating of 26kn along the major axis, and 10kn in a cross-load situation. They're easy to handle and clip, though a bit on the small side.

Holding the two carabiners together is a lightweight, 6-inch dyneema dogbone sling with a 22kn rating. It's got a sewn in rubber keeper to hold the bolt-end biner in place which prevents cross-loading and keeps the biner from flipping upside-down. The whole draw weighs just 87 grams which is lighter than some of the "high-end" $25 dollar draws out there.

My only complaint is that the carabiners are a bit on the small side and the gate-openings are smaller than a larger wire-gate carabiner, but that's the trade-off for a lightweight quickdraw. I also prefer bolt-end carabiners that have a keylock gate which isn't prone to snagging on bolt hangers or soft-goods like cam slings. That said, while using these quickdraws, I realized how rarely that happens anyway. I'm also willing to forego that luxury for a quickdraw that costs half as much as one with a fancy keylock gate design.

The Mad Rock Concorde Draw is light, strong, easy to use, and completely functional. For those just starting to build their rack, or anyone on a budget, the Concorde is an excellent option. Read more about them on the Mad Rock website.