Gstring PRO

by dpm | 11/14/2013

Gstring PRO

Last year, we did a review on the Gstrings by Sicgrips, an innovative, lightweight, and low-profile training device that is suitable for home or travel use. Read the full review of the original Gstrings here. This year, Sicgrips has made some modifications and are now introducing the Gstring Pro model. The Gstring Pro is very similar in design to the original model but with a few changes.

The Pro model is wider at both the crimp end and the top of the sloper so it fits larger hands better. They also added heavier duty 3D-sling cords and cord protectors that are more resistant to chafing. Most notable, though, is the new RipCord adjustment system. The new system makes it much easier to change the grip positions while the Gstrings are still hanging. Simply grab and pull the RipCord with one hand and adjust to the desired position with the other.

The Pro model is what Sicgrips calls “an evolutionary upgrade.” They will still be selling the original model which they are now calling the “Gstring Classic,” since both models have benefits. The Pro model is a bit bigger and one-pound heavier, but easier to adjust making it the best option for home use. The “Classics” are smaller and lighter making them an attractive option for the traveling climber. Read more about the Pro model of Gstrings at their website.

The Gstring Pro