Goal Zero LightHouse 250 Lantern

by dpm | 04/14/2014

Goal Zero LightHouse 250 Lantern

Versatile, well-designed, and easy to use, the Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Lantern is great for car camping or small backpacking trips providing a diverse range of light and an alternative source of power for your mobile devices, all packed into a singular tool.

The Lighthouse 250 uses two 3-watt LED bulbs to produce up to 250 lumens of light. This may not seem like a lot, but it is sufficient to get your basic night time activities done including searching for your keys in the middle of the night or selecting a proper beer from your cooler ‘round the campfire. The Lighthouse 250 has three brightness settings: low, high, and turbo, and the option to light one or both of the bulbs. This is a great feature when you need to milk that last drop of power to pack up to leave. You can double your power using one bulb, or switch to both to maximize the lamp.

The settings for brightness allow you to conserve battery power based on use and you can direct the light source based upon your needs. Utilizing it as a light on its brightest setting (Turbo) will offer 2.5-3.5 hours of battery life. You can also get great light for 6 hours (from both bulbs) on the high setting. It also has flashing red lights on top for an emergency alert when you blow out your tire on the way to Bishop (based on real life situation.)

The Lighthouse 250 can be charged in three ways: Through the USB port, with a Goal Zero solar panel (additional purchase required), or by turning the crank on the device. A little late night workout never hurt anyone and just one minute of cranking charges the device enough for approximately 10 minutes of light. This worked on more than one occasion when our group forgot to charge the lamp after a long camping trip.

This lantern is also a multipurpose charging station (secondary use) providing power to USB devices. Use the device to charge your phone, but be warned, this will drain your battery and limit the strength of the light. There is a USB port attached to the base that allows a simple plug-in if you need to ensure that next insta-selfie can happen while you are enjoying the quiet of Mother Nature, or you can momentarily charge your lap top to upload your photos from the day’s outing if you forgot your spare memory card.

Leave your matches, spare gas tanks and annoying lantern socks at home and head out with one item that serves more than one function. The Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 allows you to stay out longer and remain worry-free during road trips and late night boulder sessions.