Five Ten Anasazi VSC V2 Climbing Shoe

by dpm | 02/10/2010

Five Ten Anasazi VSC V2 Climbing Shoe


Five Ten Anasazi VSC V2 Climbing Shoe

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Product Description

The Five Ten Anasazi VCS V2 now features Stealth® Onyxx™ rubber for the hardest, stickiest, most durable sole in the world. This is the highest-end performance shoe for sport climbing and hard bouldering, and is the future of climbing. 

The VCS and Lace-Up Anasazi climbing shoes by Five Ten are the top selling performance rock shoes in Europe. The VCS offers more sensitivity for pulling on holds on steep rock--a powerful tool for extreme sport climbing. This is a second-generation Anasazi known as the "V2," and if you're familiar with the originals, prepare to be amazed.

Although the Anasazi V1 (formerly known as the Anasazi Velcro) from Five Ten led the high-performance shoe category for years, new technology has allowed them to make it even better. The V2's have new Stealth® Onyxx™ rubber, with 25 percent more friction and twice the durability of other rubbers. The Anasazi VCS and lace ups also have Five Ten's new Happy Fingers heel, with more comfort and security than ever. Designed by Charles Cole. Test team includes Evo, Jibe, Chris Miller, Mario Lacedelli, Michi Weiser and Noah Bigwood.



  • Lined Cowdura synthetic upper

  • Stealth® ONYXX™ soles

  • Side exit heel seam

  • Dual pull-on loops

  • Asym™ toe

  • Slingshot rand

  • VELCRO® Brand Closure

  • Padded split tongue



Materials: Lined Cowdura synthetic upper; Stealth Onyxx soles


Purchase this product today at Rock Creek for only $122.95

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