Evolv's XY Program

by dpm | 11/02/2009

Evolv's XY Program

Have you ever put on your favorite shoe and thought to yourself, "This would be so much cooler if it wasn't puke green." You aren't the only one. Evolv has developed the XY Program so climbers can express their individuality by changing the color of your favorite Evolv shoes. The individuality doesn't stop with mere aesthetics. Using the XY Program, climbers can add more rubber, increase heel rand tension,  and increase/decrease midsole rubber thickness.  We recently put the Evoly XY program to the test.  Currently, you can choose to customize the Defy, Pontas or Elektra. I went with the Elektra for its women specific fit.  Once a shoe model is selected, a whole list of options appears. What girl doesn't love  options while shopping?

The fun part: Evolv's XY Program allows you to click on any part of the shoe and change the color to your liking. Almost every portion of the shoe can be changed, allowing you to try different combos until the desired look is acquired.  Purple shoe, green logo, silver tongue, yellow straps - why not! It may turn out ugly, but at least you are expressing yourself! When you are done creating your custom colored shoe, you can move onto Toe/Heel Rand, and Midsole changes. I changed everything possible on my shoes to see how different they ended up being.

Here is what I found: First of all, the color combo I chose is attention grabbing. During every climbing session, someone asked what shoes I was wearing. I jokingly replied, "These are the Evolv DPM signature model."

I added a stiff midsole for better edging control, and made the heel rand tension tighter for aggressive heal hooks. The Elektra is a great shoe, and these few changes made it more technical.  The fit and comfort of the shoe remained unchanged from the original Elektra. I did however notice The tension rand secured my heal better and drove my foot forward which helped on techy face climbs The Evolv XY Program is unique and fun - with a simple and self explanatory process for ordering. Be your own shoe designer and express yourself with the Evolv XY Program!