Element Climbing Erosion Slopers

by dpm | 04/25/2011

Element Climbing Erosion Slopers


Are you looking to reset your overhanging prow and force your gym members to squeeze with their heels and slap blindly around the arête to bald slopers while still providing some relief for their efforts? Consider picking up Element Climbing’s Erosion Slopers



We recently got a new box of Element Holds in at the gym and like a territorial setter I jumped on these great slopers and preceded to horde them for my next problem.  The line was a fun squeeze problem up one of the gyms many prows that would force the climber to pull hard on incut pinches and bump from sloper to sloper along the arête.  These slopers fit the bill to a T for the problems right-hand moves.


These holds are a great addition to a gym that is constantly craving a multi-purpose sloper.  Not only do these holds have a tacky texture for blind throws and solid heel hooks but they can also act as subtle pinches on a vertical headwall.  


I would not go as far to say that this hold has a “dual-tex” but the hold can quickly go from good to great if your fingers find the “enhanced texture” that slopes in the middle of each feature.  They have lots of strong attributes including a great color and depth of the washer (this cuts down on stripped holds).  The only lacking feature found was on the contact surface on the back.  Several of the slopers were hollow which allowed for a small amount of surface space to create contact with the wall.  Overall, these are an excellent purchase for any gym or home wall owner. 

-Anthony Lapomardo