Edelrid Falcon

by dpm | 05/25/2011

Edelrid Falcon


Ah, ropes.  There are so many options to choose from for the rope connoisseur.  Do you go by the specs, the handling, the cost?  What to do, what to do?  Well, I would argue that while rope specs are important, at the end of the day, most folks are going to choose their rope based on handling and cost.  Not that specs are not important, they are to be sure, especially impact force and weight per meter.  So, those things said, what does this mean for Edelrid's beautiful new line, the 9.4mm Falcon?



Well, after giving the rope the once over in terms of its specifications, the Falcon clocks in with very respectable stats:  Impact force is at 8.7kn, not the lowest on the market, but a nice solid level.  Weight per meter is great at 55g/m, and for those interested, it holds 6 falls in the fall test, which is a solid number for a skinny line like the Falcon.  Out of the coil it handles like a dream.  The rope has amazing hand and folks who like a nice supple line are going to love this rope.  Cost? Pretty respectable at $210 for the 60m version.


Pros:  Light, supple, good stats.  Environmentally friendly- Bluesign certified rope.  Fairly durable for a skinny- its holding up well after 50-60 pitches.


Cons:  It's black.  At two bills, the cost may deter some.  It's a skinny line, so if you want a workhorse, this probably isn’t it.


Overall Impression:  I'm a fan of skinny ropes, and the handling and durability of this line make it a contender for one of the better skinny lines on the market.  The fact that its environmentally friendly gives it a few extra points in my  book.


by John Wilder