Blurr Parking Bag

by dpm | 03/08/2011

Blurr Parking Bag



The trend at the moment is to buy local.  However, for those boulderers stateside, take a moment to consider the sleek Canadian-designed and produced Blurr Parking Bag for your next purchase.


 Urban bags seem to be flooding the market, but this bag sets itself apart.  This tote will not only help you haul your gear, but it will also draw a line in the sand between you and the hipster toting gym goers flaunting their giant cycling commuter bags which sell for $200.00 a piece.

A combination of sleek simplistic design coupled with a day to day usefulness validates the usefulness and the price tag of the Parking Bag. This tote was picked up on a whim and has turned out to be a piece of gear that has now found its way along every gym visit.  After a small testing period here is what was found:

* Durable design- This bag has been transferred from the gym floor, lockers, the trunk, and into the closet and has not shown any wear or tear.

*Roll-top- The bag can be rolled or crumpled to fit in a larger gym bag or a small space quite easily. However, for a minimalist at heart this can easily haul all you need for your everyday gym workout.


*Additional storage-For those who hate to fish out their wallet, phone, and keys from the bottom of their chalk filled bag, the Parking Bag also comes with a clipable pouch to hold valuables.


*Look- This may not be at the top of anyone’s’ list, but the design is simple and detours away from the numerous “loud” patterns that appear to be flooding the climbing market, a definite plus.


Overall Impressions- This pack has performed well over a two week period and has continued to be utilized as a primary gym tote.  The simplicity and sleek design is a selling point along with the low cost.  If the company were to expand upon this bag, I would suggest a larger haul design and to add shoulder straps to free up the carriers hands or to support more weight. 


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-Anthony Lapomardo