Bluewater Lightning Pro

by dpm | 05/27/2009

Bluewater Lightning Pro

This Bluewater Rope is available at Rock Creek $179-$256


Do you remember how humiliating it was learning to tie your shoes? Mom refused to hook you up with the Velcro kicks all your preschool mates were sporting, so you walked around with your laces untied, tripping every other step. You tried to secure your shoes with a knot, but everything you lassoed together fell apart. Then, your crazy uncle,  the one who spent a year fishing in Alaska after graduating from Harvard Law School, showed you how to make the bunny ear with your laces. He taught you all about the left over right thing and all of a sudden, tying your knots was easy. The Bluewater Lightning Pro 9.7 is that crazy uncle, except it doesn’t still live in your grandmother’s basement, and it is a whole lot skinnier than your uncle. This rope has an easy hand, it’s light, and its durable sheath will take a beating without fuzzing out. Hey, we know you love your crazy uncle and we are sure you will love this rope.


Bluewater Lightning is available at Rock Creek $179-$256

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