Asana Men’s Flow Shorts

by dpm | 08/13/2012

Asana Men’s Flow Shorts


As the temperature heats up, the need to shed your jeans and switch over to a lighter material is a basic necessity.   The newly released Asana Flow Short is a great alternative,  a cross between a board short and a pair of workout trunks, the Asana Flow Shorts offer a great alternative for those looking to have a light weight short that is durable for a bouldering workout.

There were several notable features that stood out in the Asana Flow Short. First, the elastic waist band; a key for anyone who has to constantly search for a belt or hike up sagging short to step up to that starting foothold. The band held the shorts tight to the hips and withstood several wash cycles without give.

The second key feature, which ties directly into look and fit is the inseam of the short.  The issue with many shorts is that the cut is made to look great, but it lacks functionality.  The Asana Flow Short offers the wearer an inseam that is cut perfectly to allow full range of motion in the knee.  High-steps, heel hooks and stems are made simpler by a cut that could be overlooked by most wearers, yet it bares mentioning as it was a highlight of the fit. No readjusting to set the high step, no heel hooks getting caught in the cuff of the hem, it rolls over seamlessly.

Overall, the shorts offered a great fit and the material was durable both inside of the gym and at the crag.  The metal button and the snap fly offered some redundancy to the waist band, but were ultimately unnecessary to secure the fit due to the high quality of the waist band. Lastly, a thicker, more rugged material might be needed for prolonged scooting down boulders.

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-Anthony Lapomardo