Adidas Wandertag Jacket

by dpm | 08/14/2014

Adidas Wandertag Jacket

Showing, gaudy, expensive, loud, overkill…these are all adjectives that DON’T apply to the Adidas Wandertag Jacket. Functional, stylish, and affordable are more appropriate descriptors for this $99 gem. This isn’t exactly what we expected from brand name Adidas, usually known for their signature tri-stripe, Euro-styling, and Easter egg color palette. The Wandertag immediately struck as a departure from the brand’s arena sports inspired attire. It had minimal branding, a generous fit, was noticeably devoid of the signature racing stripes, and the jacket was a solid black color. My first impression was that Adidas was making a serious effort to appeal to the US outdoor influenced market.

The Wandertag is designed to provide lightweight, breathable, and packable protection from the wind and rain. Typically, jackets fitting that description ensure the jacket is going to feel clammy and have the durability of a grocery bag but, unlike other jackets in its price range, the Wandertag is lined with nylon mesh and taffeta which keeps the climaproof® storm outer shell away from the skin, enhancing breathability and overall wearability.

The outer shell of the Wandertag is made of 100% ripstop nylon that gives the jacket a luxurious textured look while the climaproof® coating ensures the interior of the coat is shielded from the elements. The Wandertag is a full-zip jacket with ventilated side pockets, an internal security pocket, Hook-and-loop adjustable cuffs, an adjustable hem, and draw cord hood adjustments.

The Wandertag’s stand-up collar is lined with a soft faux-suede material for comfort and features an oversized Stowaway hood with draw cord for weather protection. This hood is big enough to accommodate most helmets and has a bill to prevent rain from dripping into your face. Worn alone, without a helmet, the hood’s oversized cut provides a steezy urban look reminiscent of Individual’s early murals of the faceless, hooded figure that made the artist famous.

Our Wandertag has seen everyday use for the last two months. During that time, it has been exposed to heavy rain, snow, sleet and 60 mph winds and the jacket shows no signs of wear. It has been worn out to dinner, on hikes, on a short bike ride, to the gym, the bar, and other social venues and it has outshined its $99 price tag. During this time, we did find the jacket’s limitations. It happened during a rainstorm when the rain was falling at ¾” an hour with consistent 25 mile per hour winds and gusts to 35mph. After 2.5 hours in the constant barrage, a few drops of water appeared on the upper chest of my shirt. The water likely traveled from the edge of the hood and down the inside of the jacket. There were no other visible signs of water, nor did I ever feel clammy or uncomfortable. Considering what the jacket is designed for and its price point, the Wandertag is an incredible bargain. It may not be suited for a Southeast Asian monsoon, but for everyday functionality, it's a gem.