Scarpa Instinct
Shoes do make a difference. I’ve heard it so many times from coaches, gym employees, even gear reps: “As long as you’ve got sticky rubber on your foot….” Well, I disagree wholeheartedly.
5 years 6 weeks ago
Mad Rock 2011 Conflict
Mad Rock’s latest innovation shows that they are not only affordable but that their designs are cutting edge.
5 years 8 weeks ago
Teva Mush
For the longest time, I used to think that flip-flops were quite possibly the worst invention to hit footwear since wooden clogs.
5 years 28 weeks ago
Mad Rock ConCept
For those who prefer the more precise nature of a lace-up shoe over the ease of a hook and loop closure, the Concept is otherwise identical to the groundbreaking Conflict model.
5 years 46 weeks ago
Evolv Pontas Climbing Shoe
The Pontas climbing shoe by Evolv is the world's first Chris Sharma signature model climbing shoe. Based on Chris' design ideas, Evolv created the Pontas as an all around high performance shoe that combines precision, power,
6 years 4 days ago
Evolv Defy Climbing Shoe
Evolv's DEFY is one of their most popular climbing shoes and became an instant hit as soon as they released it in early 2005. It combines the benefit of a comfortable multi-purpose shoe and the convenience of a hook-and-loop
6 years 4 days ago
Five Ten Anasazi VSC V2 Climbing Shoe
The Five Ten Anasazi VCS V2 now features Stealth® Onyxx™ rubber for the hardest, stickiest, most durable sole in the world. This is the highest-end performance shoe for sport climbing and hard bouldering, and is the future of
6 years 4 days ago
Five Ten 5x Climbing Shoe
Designed primarily for the steep roofs of bouldering and the tenuous foot work in sport climbing, the 5X has five times the advantages of a regular slipper.
6 years 4 days ago
Five Ten Jet 7 Climbing Shoe
Testers Jibe Tribout and Fred Nicole call the Jet 7 by Five Ten the absolutely highest-performance shoe made.
6 years 4 days ago
Five Ten Women's Fox climbing shoe
The Fox is a new shoe designed exclusively for women and they sure know what a woman wants in a climbing shoe! The Fox is a comfortable, all around shoe that offers support while also providing excellent precision on any type
6 years 4 days ago
Five Ten Copperhead Climbing Shoe
The Copperhead climbing shoe by Five Ten looks like your standard hard climbing slipper, but really its a crack climbing master.
6 years 4 days ago
La Sportiva Solution climbing shoe
The La Sportiva Solution Rock Shoe is a new shoe designed specifically for bouldering. The most innovative part of this bouldering shoe is it P3 (Permanent Power Platform) randing system that works in combination with the ba
6 years 4 days ago