What is the best way for a youth climber to train, and what can a coach or parent do to foster a youngster’s interest in climbing, while at the same time keeping it safe and fun?
Winter’s a good time to evaluate your training and make a plan for success—and the higher grades—in the New Year.
If you’re one of those who let summer’s heat lure you out of the gym, don’t despair. Here’s a training program to have you back to sending shape in just one month.
Ever since legendary El Cap hardman John Long wrote “The Workout from Hell,” climbers have been trying to make sense out of how to apply traditional gym training to climbing.
Steve Edwards shares the secrets of ancient martial artists to improve forearm strength and injury prevention.
Climbers aren’t the only demographic to ignore the importance of stability training.
Failure on near-limit routes often seems to result from the fatiguing of the forearm muscles and your subsequent inability to climb on through the pain and cramps of a deepening pump.
Success on a burley boulder problem or severe crux sequence often seems to come down to having rock solid lockoff strength and a vice-like grip. While you may only call on such top-end strength on the most physical climbing m