An interview with the 2014 World Champion boulderer.
Thousands of miles stood between her and the boulder problem she’d been battling for six years.
Adrian Prelipceanu, a self-proclaimed “dirtbag” climber, used his perseverance and resourcefulness to build his home and climbing gym.
After a stroke at the age of 27, his objective was to return to form and get back to climbing V11 and 5.13
Francesca Metcalf talks about the magical moment when she climbed the Chattanoogan (V12) on her first attempt.
She’s particularly proud of her ascent of Vicious Fish (5.13c/d) which she completed while working 60-hours a week at her restaurant, the Terrebonne Depot.
Climber and filmmaker Paul Dusatko shares his thoughts on his first film Inertia and what's changed about climbing media over the past 20 years.
Maureen’s a great person– fun at the crag, around the campfire, a great belayer and climber. Oh, and she was born without a left forearm.
While in the States this past winter, Niky ticked off test-piece problems like Meadowlark Lemon (V14) in Red Rocks, Mandala Sit (V13) in Bishop, and numerous proud highballs like Evilution Direct (V11).
This year marks five years since Sean lost her 12-year battle with ovarian cancer, but her legacy and spirit live on through the HERA Foundation and Climb4Life.