Imagine a world without climbing… Like most of us, the pro climbers in the following video consider the thought “scary,” or even “devastating.”
James Pearson and Caroline Ciavaldini explore the trad climbing potential of Rocklands, South Africa.
Sauter tagged the tree and stopped the watch with a time of 5 hours and 2 minutes.
Remember two years ago when Adam Ondra introduced 5.15c to the world with the first ascent of Change in Norway’s Flatanger Cave?
World Championship Lead winners Jain Kim of South Korea and Adam Ondra of the Czech Republic closed out the Asian Tour with victories on Sunday in Inzai, Japan.
In a single day, Sean sent 24 Karats (5.14c) and onsighted Swingline (5.13d), The Return of Darth Moll (5.13b), Elephant Man (5.13b), and The Force (5.13a).
Jimmy Webb has posted the last installment of his European bouldering trip videos and he saved some of the proudest sends for last.
Stefano Ghisolfi of Italy and Mina Markovic of Slovenia took first at the latest World Cup Lead event in Wujiang, China
On Saturday, he sent The Golden Ticket (5.14c) on his fourth go and then the following day did Lucifer (5.14c) on his fourth go.
Mina Leslie-Wujastyk has climbed her first 5.14b, Mecca Extension (5.14b) at Raven Tor, UK.