Jon Cardwell joins the ranks of the few to have sent the crowning jewel that is Realization (5.15a).
After a period of adjustment, DPM has hired a new online content manager and expands its online contributor budget.
Seventeen year old, William Bosi has climbed Rainshadow 9a at Malham Cove.
Retirement from Petzl NA has been good for Chuck Odette who is showing us all that age is nothing but a number.
Longtime climber and training guru, Dave McLeod has made an ascent of Practice of the Wild at the age of 36. His ascent is likely only the 9th time the 8C boulder problem has been climbed.
Said Belhaj has sent his first 9a+ Papichulo
“I stepped on the rock and for the first time my heart wasn't racing."
We can build gyms anywhere. We can’t make another Indian Creek or Yosemite or Fontainebleau.
It’s all backwards. The whole point of indoor climbing is to replicate outdoor climbing in places where there are no real rocks.