Matty Hong, of Boulder, Colorado, is finishing up a three-month trip to Spain with a send of Papichulo (5.15a).
At the age of just 14, Ashima has progressed once again with an ascent of one of the world’s most difficult boulder problems.
It was a competition dominated by young competitors, many of which also competed at Youth Nationals this same year.
Last week, the problem Asagimadara (V15) at Mt. Mizugaki, Japan got run train on.
McColl stepped outside his comfort zone to test himself on the heady trad climbing of UK gritstone.
"When in the beginning I ... stood in awe of her beauty, now I looked up at her with resentment for the way she’d exposed my weaknesses and insecurities."
The “Alex Megos Formula” is a four-part film series that follows Alex around the world—from his gym and home crag in Germany, to Spain, the US, and beyond.
The findings of this study are great news for rock climbers and advocacy groups like the Access Fund that now have hard data showing that rock climbing can be beneficial to local economies.
Over 900 people attended the event and contributed to the $25,000 raised for the Access Fund, the Carolina Climbers Coalition, and the Southeastern Climbers Coalition.
Here’s some great drone footage of Magnus on the route that puts the massive Santa Linya cave in perspective.