Redbull has released the video of Alex Megos’ “longest project,” the 3rd ascent of Lucid Dreaming (V15).
HippyTree sent out the following press release welcoming him to the team:
Mind Frame Cinema has released the video summary of the 2015 Hueco Rock Rodeo that took place on February 14th.
This is Sharma’s hardest first ascent and the 2nd hardest route that he’s completed.
Nalle Hukkataival has climbed L’alchemiste, one of Fontainebleau, France’s most sought after projects.
Janja Garnbret isn’t a well-recognized name here in the States, but it might be soon.
This Saturday, March 7th, doors will open at 6:30 for the event they are calling “BIGGER, BETTER, AND CRAZIER THAN EVER!”
She’s now done Direction (V13) at the Buttermilks which is her 7th V13 boulder problem in the last 8 months.
37 minutes of non-stop hard bouldering.
Why there isn’t a good campground already is a mystery, but that might change in the near future.