Japanese climber Toru Nakajima has sent Paint it Black (V15) in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado’s Endo Valley.
Isabelle Faus, from Colorado, and Austrian Katharina Sauerwein have both repeated Jimmy Webb’s The Shining, a V13 roof in an icy cave.
Nalle considers the new problem one of his best first ascents and calls it a “statistical miracle.”
Sachi projected the route earlier this summer but left empty-handed and had to return for the send.
Despite Paige having climbed the 5.14c Just Do It, she calls this ascent, “the hardest route I've ever climbed.”
Climber Isaac Caldiero has become the first winner of the television game show American Ninja Warrior.
Jonathan Siegrist has closed out another trip to Idaho’s Fins and added another 5.14+ route to the stunning Discovery Wall.
Reports indicate that he was attempting the “death swing” from a formation called Hanging Rock when he hit a ledge and suffered severe head and chest injuries.
Adam Ondra just took a short trip to Norway’s Flatanger Cave and added two new 5.14d’s while there.
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