An exploration of how the South earned the privilege to climb.
This year, Paul ventured off the beaten path to explore the area in between the two well-known bouldering hot spots.
This season, Nick had a particularly productive trip, sending ten 5.14’s over a one month period.
“I never thought it could happen to me,” is something that Jonathan Stock might say.
This past weekend, at the Cody Ice Climbing Festival, nearly fifty neophyte ice climbers dug their razor sharp crampons and axes into a roadside sport climbing area.
One of my favorite recurring themes is the accusation that the media is glorifying risk-takers.
The Ed’s Choice Award is one of the most prestigious awards a climber can be presented with
Grayson Highlands State Park is an outstanding high elevation bouldering area in the western Virginia panhandle.
The internet has grabbed its torches and pitchforks to march in protest of the biggest tree-cutting debacle since George Washington cut down a Cherry tree to establish a sit-start lowball.
At the end of September, the 2nd annual Idaho Mountain Festival—powered by Asana—took place at Castle Rocks State Park; located right next to its notoriously famous big sister, City of Rocks National Reserve.