Why are you still climbing on a fat rope? Is it because you think they’re safer, more durable, or easier to handle?
The Eagle Light is the 2nd generation of their Eagle rope which formerly came in a 9.8mm diameter.
In keeping with the tradition of one and a half centuries of progressing the sport, Edelrid has launched some really interesting and innovative products in 2013.
The nearly imperceptible weight offers easy 'drag and drop' clips even as you crest the 80 ft. mark on your project.
After giving the rope the once over in terms of its specifications, the Falcon clocks in with very respectable stats.
The Evolv Talon G2 is new and improved and designed for aggressive bouldering and competition climbing.
The Apex series rope is designed to provide optimum life safety while permitting the climber to push past his or her personal limits.
The Ion is a 9.5mm with a unique construction for Sterling Rope
The bi-pattern version of the new 10.1mm exemplifies what a modern day climbing rope should be
This 10.7mm rope is well known for its burliness