The BÄM board is distilled down to a pure training tool for those that are truly invested in a pragmatic approach to getting stronger.
The Rock Prodigy takes hangboards to the next level by simply chopping one in half.
Sicgrips has made some modifications and are now introducing the Gstring Pro model.
The Gripster is a set of either one or several “training grips” that can be adapted to mount on the weighted pulley system at your local gym or it can be wrapped on your basic pull up bar at home.
For the size, weight, diversity of grip positions, and flexibility of mounting, there isn't a better device on the market.
The Big Brick Sloper smacks of old school flavor with a twist that offers those thrutching to an edge a bit of a surprise.
Armaid is designed to speed up recovery time, prevent injury, increase range of motion, and enhance performance.
These holds are a great addition to a gym that is constantly craving a multi-purpose sloper.
Route setters looking for an easy to moderate pinch to build up those newbie’s pinch strength should consider the Rock Candy Coprolite.
There are two things route setters love above and beyond their 401k plan and fame: 1) Setting a route or boulder problem that forces specific sequences and maintains a specific grade regardless of the climber’s height. 2) N