Sport climbers live by the credo that “if you’re not flying, you’re not trying.”
The FS Mini II is a specialty piece of gear that achieves its primary objective—being damn near weightless on your harness.
DMM is giving away three sets of five draws to some lucky winners in the USA and Canada.
The Legacy bolt has the potential to revolutionize bolting and make it a sustainable practice.
The Djinn isn’t the cheapest draw on the market, nor the lightest and fanciest, but if you’re looking for high value at a low cost; there’s no better option out there.
Trango has a few new locking carabiners for 2014 and we’ve had the opportunity to check out three of them: The React Screwlock, Regulock HMS Screwlock, and Regulock HMS Autolock.
The new React Quickdraw from Trango is a strong, durable, utilitarian draw suited for sport or trad climbing.
The Mad Rock Concorde Quick Draw is a surprisingly strong, lightweight and easy-to-handle quick draw.
Petzl rep Jessa Goebel discusses of the new products for 2013 from Petzl including the Selena harness, Spirit quickdraws, and Sirocco helmet.
In keeping with the tradition of one and a half centuries of progressing the sport, Edelrid has launched some really interesting and innovative products in 2013.