The Load Strap is a simple Y-shaped system of webbing and adjustable straps that allows boulderers to securely carry multiple pads on their backs.
Coming up with a better design than the standard square piece of foam that all crash pads adhere to is like reinventing the wheel, but this is exactly what Mad Rock did with their new R3 pad.
The Asana Pro Spotter Pad is a versatile, supplemental pad with a slim profile that can be tucked away inside your full-size bouldering pad.
When you are taking repeated falls from moderate Joshua Tree high-balls the last thing you want to think about is bottoming out your pad.
V-Line is a company based out of Salt Lake City Utah and its owner, Brandon Gonsalves, has taken the right steps to create a high-quality, durable, American-made product.
Organic is continuing to create pads with consistent, solid designs - and for my money the Half Pad is the way to go.
The climbing industry is filled with hundreds of products that are responsible for the safety and well being of climbers on a day-to-day basis.
Continuing a long and proud tradition, Revolutions considers this to be the sixth generation of the legendary Large Cordless Crash Pad. The Mission Pad has everything you should expect from a top of the line crash pad and a w
Getting off the ground bit? This pad is designed to provide more comfort than the normal pads on the market. So when your projects get higher, you can still feel stoked about pulling hard moves.
Whether you’re cranking down on some tiny crimps or holding onto slopers for dear life, this pad will be there for you. It gives a lot without taking much cash from your wallet.