The subtitle of the book, “A Guide to Continuous Improvement,” is perhaps the most accurate description of the contents.
The obvious characteristic to discuss is that the Red River Gorge guidebook is not just a book anymore but two books.
The Mammoth guidebook is a self-published effort that offers 264 full color pages and about 1000+ bouldering problems.
The new guidebook for Maple Canyon, Utah has just hit the shelves in time for the summer season. Author Dave Pegg presents some psyche-building photos.
Paul Robinson’s latest offering is a throwback to old-school, no-fluff climbing porn.
After 30 years of aimless wandering, climbers now have a comprehensive guide to the bouldering in Joshua Tree National Park.
Peter Beal's new book proves to be an essential guide to the complex sport of bouldering.
"...Finding just the right prose to describe the stunning sandstone standing guard above the clear roaring rivers below, surreal in its steepness and bullet hard integrity might be a bit difficult…”
Huey defined the mood and ambiance of the area by writing the most whacked out, entertaining guidebook on the market today.