Tony Reynaldo

Tony Reynaldo

Tony Reynaldo’s guiding principle in life is to, “Give back more then you take.” His life bridges an almost 20 year exposure to climbing all across the country and working in the outdoor industry. The climbing industry has been tremendously supportive of his philanthropic efforts, everything from his “Will Climb For Food” series to his “Do Work Tour” rebolting efforts. Tony has recently made a significant contribution to his local climbing community by building “Kinetic” a bouldering gym that fills a deep need for a good training facility in Columbus, Ohio.  His sponsors see him as an asset and ambassador for their companies, not because he sends 5.14, but because he uses his guiding principle in life to give back to climbing and inspiring others.

His day job as a design professor at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio consists of coordinating the Design Foundation, doing innovative research and pursuing a passion for inspiring his students. He has also done numerous workshops and lectures around the country and in Europe captivating audiences with an energetic teaching approach.

Tony is also one of the leading climbing holds designers with over 13 years of experience and a portfolio of 3,000(+) designs sold throughout the world. His user centric design approach blended with his climbing experience allows him to create functional and aesthetic forms that he hopes inspires setters and climbers around the world.

This blog will chronicle Tony’s adventures, contributions and offer insight into the design process for climbing holds.



Well the weather broke finally and I finally got to get out for a week and do some climbing after being cooped up inside working on my course prep and research.
So the blazing furnace of the summer heat this year drained my motivation to climb and travel.
So Summer 2010 has begun. I tied up my faculty obligations for the academic year and decided to kick this summer break off with a trip out west.