Jason Kehl

Jason Kehl

Jason Kehl has been climbing for over 13 years and an artist for just as long. Climbing has always been a good creative outlet and his vagabond lifestyle and penchant for danger have fueled his adventures over the years. Jason's evolvement in the climbing world reflects theses ideas and he is willing to share them with whoever is willing to listen.

A pro climber that has been living on the road for the past 10 years, Jason always seems to find adventure. His highballing escapades have been well documented, including some amazing first ascents like- Evilution in Bishop, Ca and becoming the first person to solo 5.14d with his boulder ascent of The Fly in Rumney New Hampshire. You can also see what he is up to via his website www.cryptochild.com.

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So here I am, almost 5 months out from knee surgery. Where has all the time gone? Lots of thumb twiddling? I think not.
It's amazing how much strength you can loose when you don't lift a finger. After my knee surgery I decided to take a break from climbing that lasted two months.
It was the winter of 2003 and the golden age of bouldering competitions. The PCA (Professional Climbers Association) was the new organization on the climbing scene. They were throwing huge comps and actually getting the climb
Life sure is crazy! One moment you can be frolicking through the fields, smelling the flowers and the next moment lying on the ground in a pool of your own blood, wondering if you'll ever walk again.
They say the world is coming to an end by 2012, but what about climbing? Will climbing ever come to an end? Or will this be the perfect opportunity to "Take Climbing Back". The resistance has been growing quietly now for year
I just took a three-year break from Hueco Tanks. I had been going down every season, but I guess I just got tired of dealing with the rules. But that was a long enough time for me, so I had to go back for some more.
"It's like you're the lone captain on this big ass ocean liner, man. And it's like god damn, I need people to cook the food, I need people to run the motors, I need people to make sure we don't go into the rocks and so forth,
Ever feel like you life is a video and you're watching it thru your own eyes, but the only problem is that the fast forward button doesn't work?
It's been a long time since I've competed in an indoor climbing competition and for good reasons. I grew up plastic climbing, and although that was not all I did, it was a great means for me to get strong and squeeze my way i
I have been doing a lot of traveling lately and one thing that I am always noticing is how emotional I get when flying in a plane. My theory is; this heightened emotional state is caused by a subconscious fear of death and be