Jason Kehl

Jason Kehl

Jason Kehl has been climbing for over 13 years and an artist for just as long. Climbing has always been a good creative outlet and his vagabond lifestyle and penchant for danger have fueled his adventures over the years. Jason's evolvement in the climbing world reflects theses ideas and he is willing to share them with whoever is willing to listen.

A pro climber that has been living on the road for the past 10 years, Jason always seems to find adventure. His highballing escapades have been well documented, including some amazing first ascents like- Evilution in Bishop, Ca and becoming the first person to solo 5.14d with his boulder ascent of The Fly in Rumney New Hampshire. You can also see what he is up to via his website www.cryptochild.com.

Native Eyewear


Three years ago, I tried a beautiful roof project at the tip of the east spur in Hueco Tanks.
Last winter I took two very interesting trips: Alaska and Hawaii. They’re pretty much polar opposites.
After India, I decided I needed a little transition before heading back to the States. So I stopped in Spain to visit my old friend Jordi Salas.
The last several months have been a whirlwind. It all started back in August, when I flew to Delhi for a month and a half on a bouldering expedition in the Indian Himalayas, dubbed the “Zanskar Odyssey”.
I spent the end of last month in Maryland, the place where I grew up. It was nice to get back and visit old friends and family, but my main objective of the trip was route setting for the UBC Earth Treks Roc Comp.
It’s the end of the Hueco season, so its time for me to move on. It was a great season though, especially since I’m just coming back from my knee surgery.
So I am back in Hueco Tanks for another season and I am SO excited! Not just because this is one of the most badass places to climb in America for the winter, but I am finally getting back in shape and becoming comfortable on
Friday the 13th 2009 A great day for self-reflection. I am hiding out close to the coordinates: 31 54' 25.72&"N 106 02' 14.34"W. The snowy high alpine conditions of Colorado are behind me now, searching for a dryer place, a f
This past month was a whirlwind to the very end, and now its over. I'm still not 100% back to climbing, so it's nice to have some distractions.
Six months out from surgery, time is flying now! The training routine seems to be paying off too! Although I would say that I am maybe only 80% back to me old self.