Jason Kehl

Jason Kehl

Jason Kehl has been climbing for over 13 years and an artist for just as long. Climbing has always been a good creative outlet and his vagabond lifestyle and penchant for danger have fueled his adventures over the years. Jason's evolvement in the climbing world reflects theses ideas and he is willing to share them with whoever is willing to listen.

A pro climber that has been living on the road for the past 10 years, Jason always seems to find adventure. His highballing escapades have been well documented, including some amazing first ascents like- Evilution in Bishop, Ca and becoming the first person to solo 5.14d with his boulder ascent of The Fly in Rumney New Hampshire. You can also see what he is up to via his website www.cryptochild.com.

Native Eyewear

Blog#12 September 09'

            This past month was a whirlwind to the very end, and now its over. I'm still not 100% back to climbing, so it's nice to have some distractions. Last months major departure from my day-to-day life was a trip to Seattle, Washington with Native Eyewear  to shoot photos and video for their upcoming catalog. Our mission was to explore the city and see what kind of trouble we could get into with our sport.

Amongst out crew we had over 8 athletes who specialized in everything from Climbing and Parkour to Urban Free Riding. Jeff Lenosky  was doing things on his bike that I didn't know were possible. Flying through the air and landing on a pad is one thing, but flying through the air with a hunk of metal and wheels is a whole different story. Ryan Ford  was our Parkour specialist, turning every obstacle into a virtual playground.

            After spanning time with the crew, I realized we all agreed that what the other was doing seemed sketchy and dangerous. Each person had there own skills and fears. What looked impossible for one person was seemingly effortless for the next. I guess it's the same with all sports. Master the skill and understand the danger. To me a 25ft concrete highball looks like a walk in the park, but to others it was instant death. The difference in styles made for a well-rounded crew that was unstoppable as we combed the city for the next challenge.


            We only had a couple run-ins with security, although I was hoping for more. Being trapped in this concrete jungle, with a variety of athletes made me realize that were all looking for the same thing. To find the perfect problem or trick to test our skills, to be challenged not only in finding it, but pulling it off unscathed.


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