Chris Lindner

Blog Entry #1

On an opening remark, I'm extremely psyched to be onboard with this cutting-edge Dead Point Magazine concept. I'm a huge connoisseur of new movements in the climbing industry, and I'm always willing to help out as much as I possibly can. I'm going to start this first blog with the last week or so of my life as a professional rock climber. If you'd like to see what life has been like before that, please check out my personal website at

I spent the last week of my recent Wyoming trip exclusively camping and climbing at Sinks Canyon just outside of Lander. It's way too hot to climb during the day, but we got some killer sessions in from 5pm-9:30pm every day. Occasionally we were motivated to get up at 5am and climb until about 10am, but that motivation level slowly deteriorated throughout the week. Fortunately, I had an above average week of climbing highlighted by sends of "Busload of Faith" (14a), and the 2nd Ascent of both "Organic" (14b) and "Monkey Gone to Heaven" (14b).

"Monkey Gone to Heaven" took me the most attempts, and after three days, on the last evening of the trip, I sent it. Deadlines to send routes are when life as a climber starts getting stressful. There is nothing better than doing a route just in the nick of time and capping off a solid climbing trip. I was super stoked!

On our last night, we treated ourselves to an abundance of Margaritas and Mexican food. Somewhere around midnight, the four of us stumbled back up to the cliff singing songs in dark with the ambitions of sending another 5.13 before sunrise. Well, next thing we knew, we were all passed out in our sleeping bags wearing our harnesses at the base of the 1st route. We never got to the first bolt.

We hiked up to a sensational waterfall higher up in Sinks Canyon on an earlier rest day with an all-natural water slide built in alongside it. The rock groove is super water polished, so you just throw a little water on it to make it even slicker, and the next thing you know, you're flying WAY faster than you'd expect down into a final drop-off at the end. It was refreshing, scary, entertaining, and a free shower all in one.

I spent 12 hours driving home to Vegas yesterday, and I'm ready to be home for a couple weeks! I am hoping to make it to the finish line of "Hasta la Vista" this week at Charleston. I have to find another job too, since I quit my last one to go climbing up in Wyoming. It was fully worth it though!

Check out some video of us climbing, camping, cooking, and fooling around in my latest Camp Chef video that I just finished moments ago...A climbing video of our trip will be edited by Carlos Mason and will be in the upcoming first issue of Dead Point Magazine. Stay tuned...


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