Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson

Blog #8 September


I have begun school at the University of Colorado at Boulder again and 
this is my Senior year! I am so psyched to know that it is finally 
almost over and I will soon be able to travel the globe in search of 
the greatest boulders out there. But first I have a year of school in 
front of me and a lot of boulders to be climbed on the Front Range. 
The other day was my first art show. It was an awesome experience for 
myself and a great deal of work to get it all done in time. It would 
not have been possible without the help of my girlfriend, family, and
friends. I would like to thank everyone that came to the show and
everyone that made it possible for me.


But now that is all done with it is time for climbing outside this 
Fall! I have my goals set high for many climbs throughout the country 
during my first semester at CU. Besides climbing all around the Front 
Range this Fall I have a few trips planned. I am headed back to 
Squamish this October for an attempt at Dreamcatcher! Before heading 
to Squamish with Alex I am looking forward to getting to the Park and 
Clear Creek in an attempt to send both Primeval on the Primo wall and 
Top Notch in Middle Chaos. Then it will be back to Colorado and before 
the New Year am hoping to do one of the last two Triple Crown 
Competitions as well as make a nice two week trip to Arkansas for some 
bouldering at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch. This is one of the few locations 
in the country that I have yet to climb at and am looking forward to 
it greatly! Here is a list of the climbs that I would love to do this 


Primeval 5.14a, CCC
Dreamcatcher 5.14d/15a?, Squamish
Iron Monkey, 5.14 (trad) Eldo

Top Notch, V13 RMNP
Poudre Roof Proj, V15? Poudre Canyon
Suspension of disbelief, V14, Eldo
fingerhut direct, v13/14 joe's
masterpiece, v13, joe's
wood grain grippin, v14 arkansas
lost in the hood, v14, arkansas
chuck up the deuce, v13, arkansas
king lion, v12, arkansas
antihero, v13, arkansas

I am extremely psyched for the Fall and hope to be able to complete 
all the climbs on my list. I am also very excited to introduce a
traditional climb to the list as well. Though I am a bit hesitant to
actually trying this one, it has been a thought that has run though my 
head on many occasions and would like to try my hand at placing some
gear. The line seems very well protected ad I would not try it unless 
I had it all worked out on a top rope prior to my actual send attempt 
on trad. I need some practice but will be embracing a new form of 
climbing. Who knows? I may actually like it! I hope to also find more 
projects along the way and can't wait for the climbs ahead of me. It
will be awesome to have one more year in America before I make the big 
move to Europe next Fall!


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