Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson

Blog #7 August

My time in Squamish is coming to a close but the trip definitely has been a memorable one with Joel and Alex! The last time I was in Squamish was about five years ago during the Petzl Roc trip. I arrived here two weeks ago in hopes of colder temperatures because of its northern location. However, we arrived and it was urprisingly just as hot as many of the places we drove through on our way to Squamish. The weather never got amazing as I don't think there was a single day under 80 degrees while here, but we still had a ton of fun none the less and Alex captured the trip behind the lens like a professional. On the second day of the trip, my little brother Joel flew in for an eleven day stay here in Squamish. He has been climbing for about eight months now and is totally hooked. I am very psyched to have my brother climbing and out on climbing trips with me. As we drove from the airport back to Squamish I could easily tell how excited he was to get out on the rocks. Since his start a few months back he has only had one opportunity to get outdoor climbing and was psyched for another chance. We headed straight for the boulders for a nice evening of bouldering underneath the Grand Wall. He loved it and continued to enjoy his time in Squamish and send many of his projects as the days went on.

As for me, I spent the beginning of my trip in a bit of a lull. First complaining about the hot temperatures and the insane humidity that Squamish gave us. However, as time went on, I soon came to the realization that the weather was not going to get any better and I just had to deal with what was handed to me. I began working what I had come to try, "Dreamcatcher." The climb is absolutely amazing and I felt lucky to be working such an amazing line. The temps were making it nearly impossible to link many of the moves but I began to get a feel for how the line was. As the days went on and I continued to get used to the moves I started linking more sections and feeling like the line was totally possible. I never went for a true red-point attempt just because I knew it was unfeasible but managed to get the climb in 3 very manageable parts. I plan to return to Squamish in October and with colder temps hope to send the line. The next two months will be spent training super hard for the line in hopes of sending when I return. I will only be able to come back for a long weekend but really think that I can finish it up with good temps, good skin, and a bit of luck.

Besides "Dreamcatcher" I climbed a bunch of really nice boulder problems despite the heat. I had a blast climbing old classics as well as seeing some of the newer lines that the forest had to offer. I can't believe how much climbing there is to be done in Squamish. It is insane and the locals are very lucky to have such an amazing infinite forest right in their backyard. I hope to be able to get back here one day for an extended period of time with cooler temps to try some of the amazing projects and hard lines of Squamish!

Now it is off Banff for a few days of relaxing sport climbing and then back to Boulder for a very busy two weeks before beginning school on August 24th and my birthday on the 28th!!!


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