Jason Kehl

Jason Kehl

Jason Kehl has been climbing for over 13 years and an artist for just as long. Climbing has always been a good creative outlet and his vagabond lifestyle and penchant for danger have fueled his adventures over the years. Jason's evolvement in the climbing world reflects theses ideas and he is willing to share them with whoever is willing to listen.

A pro climber that has been living on the road for the past 10 years, Jason always seems to find adventure. His highballing escapades have been well documented, including some amazing first ascents like- Evilution in Bishop, Ca and becoming the first person to solo 5.14d with his boulder ascent of The Fly in Rumney New Hampshire. You can also see what he is up to via his website www.cryptochild.com.

Native Eyewear

Blog #6

They say the world is coming to an end by 2012, but what about climbing? Will climbing ever come to an end? Or will this be the perfect opportunity to “ Take Climbing Back”.  The resistance has been growing quietly now for years, but the underground scene is about to rise up.



    The shift has been slowly happening right under our noses. I’m sure you have all noticed (unless you are one of them). The days of just going out, moving your body and enjoying nature have been taken over by tribal gangs that have been bred indoors. The sounds of the wind and the birds have been replaced with mini boom boxes that turn every sector into a different rave like experience.  There are also “izombies” out there, but they’re only a minor threat since they’re always staring down at a pod in their hand. More often than not you can slip around them with out being seen. This is happening now, but the uncertain future is close. The true survivors will be the ones that will last thru the hardship. If the economy gets bad enough, they wont be able to pay the people who regulate some of our beloved climbing areas. This alone will make the resistance stronger and leave the rest fighting for scraps. Sure you can send a V12 boulder problem. That’s great, but can you find water in the desert and survive off fresh rabbit meat that’s still twitching as you swallow it down?


     The rock will always be there, but we are not as resilient. When the inhabitants of the world have turned back into ashes, the boulders will still be sitting there in the calm darkness. Thus bringing me to my current topic of -Getting up off your ass and getting out there while you can!

Enjoying some of the amazing rock on West Mountain, while flashing Natural Disaster V10


I have been in The Hueco Tanks since Thanksgiving and there is so much rock here to be climbed its ridiculous. While in Hueco I put up 4 new problems, 3 of them being 4 star problems for sure and a great addition to Hueco Tanks. The fruits that Hueco has to offer are still hidden out there somewhere. If there is a limited amount of time, lets all take action, join the resistance and take climbing back. Not just for yourself, but for everyone out there and for little Billy in the corner who has just run out of chalk.

Making the first ascent of A Single Word, a beautifully slopey roof line.


Although it’s been good fun down here, Hueco is harsh enough place to wear anyone down. With that being said, my time here is over. The holidays were quite enjoyable though and they reminded me that it is truly a time of giving. My offering this year was the still warm from the oven, and cuddlesome 100% Beef Baby Jesus. Truly a breath-taking site, I suggest you try it sometime!


Enjoying some quality arts+crafts time while prepare the traditional 100% Beef Baby Jesus.

100% Beef Baby Jesus

What you will need for the body.

2lb of Ground Beef

.5 cup of chopped Mushrooms

.5 cup of chopped Onions

 2 cloves of crushed garlic

 2 cloves of garlic(for the eyes)

 1 egg yolk

 1 mushroom stem(for the male part)


Preheat the oven to 350f.


Combine all the above ingredients in a small bucket

with your hands until mixture is consistent and moldable.

Now on a greased pan slowly start to form the body, starting

With the torso then the head and the arms and legs last.

The garlic eyes and mushroom stem are the finishing touches

and now your little guy is ready to be popped into the oven.

Cook 30 to 45min depending upon the thickness of the torso.

Sink a knife or fork into the torso at the thickest spot to make

sure he’s done.

Let cool and serve warm or saran wrap it, freeze it and reheat

whenever, it’s just that easy! Enjoy


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