Chris Lindner

Blog #6

The weather in Vegas has been pretty crappy for the past week or so. I decided to take a short 3-day surfing trip to Baja, Mexico to relax my mind from climbing, avoid the rainy weather, and hopefully catch some killer waves.

My roommate Spencer and I left Las Vegas at 2am (armed with lots of coffee and Mexican beer) and drove straight down into Mexico just in time to start surfing in Ensenada (San Miguel - nice rocky point break right) by early morning.


Unfortunately that was the best session of the trip though. The conditions considerably deteriorated thereafter. The onshore winds kicked up and never backed off until we were back in Vegas.

Next very next stop after the first surf session....the nearest ghetto taco stand for some carne asada tacos! A MUST on every Baja trip....

We then went down to Punta Baja which is about 5 hours south of the border to a little fishing village on the sea. You have to off-road on some heinous roads to get there for about 30 minutes, but it's the TRUE Baja when you finally arrive.

The waves were huge, but extremely blown out, stormy, and dangerous, so we weren't able to surf too successfully. The locals tried to tell me not to go in the water, but I insisted on going in anyways just to paddle around and get wet even though there wasn't much good surf. After all, I don't get to surf as much as I'd like in Vegas if you can imagine, so I was enjoying every minute of the horrible surf anyways.

After I got out of the water, they asked me if I'd swim out and try to pull in a lobster cage for them that had been washed towards shore from the storm. I told them they were crazy. But they said I could have any lobster that might be inside. They just wanted their cage back, so they could go drop it off in their boat offshore again, but they weren't getting anywhere near the ocean to get it themselves while the stormy waves were pounding upon the shallow reef.

Since we were camping on the beach, I figured some free and fresh lobster would be pretty sweet for dinner, so I risked my life, took one for the team, and jumped in off the reef into the freezing water. I took a pounding for nearly 30 minutes trying to pull that damn lobster cage to shore. HUGE waves and a gnarly current kept pulling me underwater bouncing me off the reef and tangling me in the thick seaweed.  I pulled the cage in towards shore about 100 feet, but I wasn't able to get it all the way to shore before dark. The local fisherman were so impressed with my effort that they brought us into the little village and fixed us both fresh lobster tacos and homemade tortillas for dinner for FREE. That alone made the trip WELL worthwhile.

The next morning we started driving back up north. Despite the less than ideal conditions, we surfed a couple times on the way back north until finally driving across the border and into San Diego. We visited some buddies in La Jolla (Carlos and Scotty), then camped on the beach hoping to wake up to good waves in the morning before driving back to Las Vegas.

I spent this past Valentine's weekend camped out with my dearest Jodi up in the mountains north of Las Vegas while I continued to work on my new cliff I am currently bolting. It was just the two of us, freezing cold out, snow on the ground, some leftover Tequila from Mexico, a campfire, a cave, and sleeping bags. Good times.


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